Your True Guide To Content Marketing in 2021 (+ 6 Examples)

What is content marketing?

The State of Content Marketing in 2021

  • The percentage of marketers who document their content marketing strategy rose a few inches higher from 65% in 2109 to 69% in 2020. (Content Marketing Institute)
  • Quality lead generation is the top priority for content marketing, accounting for about 75% of marketers’ goals. Driving traffic to a website and improving brand reputation follow closely 71% and 56%, respectively. (SEMrush)
  • Bloggers now spend 63% more time crafting a blog than in 2014. The expectations for content are higher than ever. As such, creating unique content worth sharing takes a ton of time. (Orbit Media)
  • The top metric for content marketing is organic traffic (76%), followed by lead (62%) and pageviews (60%). (SEMrush)
  • At 84 percent, content creation is the most outsourced content marketing activity by B2B organizations.
  • The average length of a blog post is 1269 words, up 57% since 2014. Additionally, 90% of bloggers include images in their posts. (Orbit Media)
  • The top skills required in the content marketing industry are Marketing (81%), Social Media (50%), Strategy (42%), SEO (38%), and Research (37%). Other essential skills include editing, analytics, and email marketing. (SEMrush)

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Enhances Your SEO Efforts and Traffic

Builds Trust with Your Target Audience

Builds Authority

Generates Leads

Enhances Conversion

Top-Performing Types of Content Marketing



Case Studies




Examples of Content Marketing Done Right

HubSpot and Blogging

Be Vocal’s Beyond the Silence Documentary

Getty Images-Amanda Foundation Image Collection


Coke’s Share a Coke Campaign

GoPro and Visual Content

The 9 Most Important Content Marketing Hacks for Your Business

Set Your Content Marketing Goals

Get Your Content Ideas Right

  • What trending idea do you have in mind that people will want to know?
  • Will your idea be controversial?
  • Will your idea provoke an emotional response in your target readers?
  • Does your target audience love long-form or short-form content?
  • Which of your already-published blog posts and articles account for the most social media shares?
  • Can you partner with industry influencers to promote your content?

Target the Right Keywords

Write More In-depth Articles

  • Pick a broad topic/subject.
  • Target a long-tail keyword in your headline- for example, how to build a successful travel business
  • Research current, accurate data on the subject
  • Create exciting content. Remember to mention reputed blog authors in the body.
  • Add some visual element to your content (images, graphics, slide presentations, videos)
  • Use a lead generator in the article’s body to collect emails
  • Ask mentioned influencers to share your article

Write Compelling Headlines

Work With a Content Calendar

Add Compelling Call-to-Actions(CTAs)

Continually Update Your Content

Share Your Content

Measuring and Optimizing Content Performance


  • Users: the total number of unique visitors
  • Pageviews: the total number of times a web page has been viewed
  • Unique pageviews: The total number of times a single user has viewed a page combined into one pageview.
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SEO Performance


The Bottom Line



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